SMS Prodigy Auto Mass SMS System




SMS Prodigy The ultimate Windows desktop PC mass sms broadcasting hardware & software solution and sms scheduler for your sms marketing & communication needs!

Would you like to have an easy, fast, effective and low-cost way to reach out your customers?

Would you like a way to quickly mass sms your promotional messages to all your customers?

Would you like an sms scheduler to auto sms and send sms reminders to remind customers of special events or appointments?

Would you like to automatically send birthday greetings to your customers?

Would you like a 2-way sms system that will auto reply sms to your customers their membership points, appointments etc.?

Would you like automatically sms alert your supervisors if their staffs have not report to work?

Would you like a cheap sms solution that is much cheaper that your current internet sms service?

With SMS Prodigy, you have do the above and more easily, quickly, effectively and cheaply.


What is SMS Prodigy?

SMS Prodigy is a Windows Desktop PC SMS software and hardware solution designed especially for businesses to easily, effectively & cheaply keep in touch with their customers using sms technology. Unlike emails which often end up in junk folders, SMS is very reliable and mostly instantly read by your intended audience. With its built-in powerful sms scheduler, you can have it automatically send sms reminders that contains personalized sms messages to your recipients effortlessly. This portable sms hardware and sms software solution allows you to perform sms marketing anytime & anywhere!


SMS Prodigy Usage Scenarios

Some SMS Prodigy usage scenarios includes:

  • SMS blast your news and event annoucements to your customers.
  • Automatically sent personalized sms birthday greetings to your customers.
  • Quickly bulk sms to broadcast event cancellation or postponement.
  • Allow customers to conveniently send in sms to check information like their membership points, your address, your operating hours etc.. No internet required!
  • Auto sms to your staffs to remind them of meetings or datelines.
  • Automatically sms broadcast to supervisors whose staffs did not report to work by a certain time.
  • SMS alert your student parents when the students are absent without a reason.


SMS Prodigy Unique Features & Benefits

Contacts Importing - Easily import your customer/employee/parent contact information into the sms software.

Group SMS - You can group your contacts into groups for targetted sms advertising.

SMS Scheduler - A powerful & flexible scheduler is included to let you set up future sms reminders like birthday greetings, appointment reminders and promotions.

Personalized SMS - SMS message templates can be defined to allow personalized messages to be send to each customer.

Auto Reply SMS - This feature allows your customers to send in sms with their mobile phone to get information like your company address or their membership points.

Chinese SMS - You can send Chinese sms to your customers if needed.

SMS Unsubcribe - Recipients can unsubscribe by sending in an sms with the word “UNSUB”

and more....